Friday, February 4, 2011

What Are We Up To?

We are constantly finding ways to improve both our production and post-production skill and technique, keeping up with new trend and offering services/products that are innovative and different. Last year we introduced 3D imaging. This year we start offering fusion photography service.

As some of you may know, I usually assist Gary by carrying heavy equipment around, setting up lights, holding reflector/softbox, organizing group shots, etc. Going forward, I will be focusing more on taking motion picture. At this point, we are not offering full-blown cinematography service. Instead, we will incorporate video clips to the slideshows we have been offering our clients since last year.

We tested this concept out by taking behind-the-scene clips when we were doing the engagement session with Vivian and Thomas in May 2010. Back then, I used a 5-year-old handycam (wedding gift from my beloved brother). Despite the video quality is not as superior as the newer equipment, it captures how Vivian and Thomas were having fun while "working" hard - jumping down the fence and running towards the camera countless times. To see the video slideshow we put together, click here.

Last week I borrowed my dad's HD handycam to capture Selina and Michael's wedding. (We are still working on their full version video slideshow and should be able to share next week.) The video quality is better and I managed to capture some great video footage. However it doesn't have the desired "filmic-like" effect.

In order to economically create such an effect, Gary bought me a Nikon D7000. To solve the shaky hand-held problem, we initially bought the Steadicam Merlin but we ended up returning it and ordered a less expensive Halo Rig instead. We will see how it goes and decide if we will upgrade it to the Steadicam Merlin. There is this new set of gears (investment) to go with our video capturing mission: video DSLR, stablizer, monopod and head, microphone, sound recorder, etc. Next on our wish list is an external monitor.

I will be practicing and hope to get familiar with the new gears by the next photo shoot.

Cheers, Elsa.

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