Monday, February 14, 2011

Did We Survive?

We are homed safe and sound.

The drive to Blue Mountain was quite an adventure - in several occasions, the blowing snow caused white out and left us with absolutely ZERO visibility for several seconds. Fortunately we made it there safely. The wind was very strong; I would say it must be stronger than the 35km/h forecasted. It didn't take long for losing feeling to my toes and fingers. Even our trusty (but aged) tripod couldn't stand the cold - the plastic became brittle and snapped.

This is the first job that we used the new DSLR for video. And we got the chance to put our idea into practice. Overall, it was a memorable experience.

The sky was so blue... as if it's a warm summer afternoon...
Night view...

And the ski hill...

Cheers, Elsa.

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