Friday, February 25, 2011

Sabina & Ranky Engagement @ Blue Mountain // Teaser

Two weeks ago, we and Alex had a session with Sabina and Ranky at Blue Mountain Ski Resort. To read more about the preparation work, click here. For the after-the-trip update, click here.

This is the first job that we used DSLR for video. Enjoy the teaser!!! Comments are always welcomed. We are working on improving the techniques in motion pictures capturing and video editing. Heads up, tomorrow morning we will head out for part 2 of the engagement session. Blue Mountain, again? No, we will go to Richmond Hill instead. Fingers crossed for good weather.

*Updated July 18, 2011*
Click here for the full version of the fusion video.

Cheers, Elsa.

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  1. Special thanks to Gary and Elsa for making this so memorable. Fantastic job! ^_^