Monday, January 31, 2011

The Total Wedding Show - Thank You

Thanks Atarah and Henry from Zart Design & Dress Making who invited us to partner with them to showcase our work at the Show last weekend (January 21-23, 2011). We are thrilled to meet so many awesome people there. Congratulations to those of you who are getting married or whom your friends are engaged.

It was hard work but we enjoy it. We are working to have our own Vis X Photography booth next year :-)

This is me (left) with Atarah and Henry.

As you can see, Gary is working hard too...

This is our corner at the Booth.

Zart Design & Dress Making "unveil your elegance to the admiring eyes". They have talented fashion designers (Atarah is one of them) and top-notch tailors. They offer different styles of gown in different fabric, trims, color, etc. If none of their existing design is up to your dream, you can show them what you like from the magazine and they can custom made it for you in a month.

Here's two of their beautiful dresses from the fashion show.

Cheers, Elsa.

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